DWI and Alcohol Related Offenses

Accused of a DWI or other traffic or criminal offense?  This can be a frightening experience.  Being charged with a crime is one thing.  Being guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is something else entirely.  Before you are found guilty of a DWI, the State must prove.

1.  That you operating a motor vehicle

2.  That you did not have the normal use of your mental or physical faculties because of alcohol.

3.  That you were properly administered your rights after being pulled over for DWI.

Also, what evidence do they have of your arrest?  Did the Officer stop you because you could maintain a single lane or was it because you had a busted taillight, didn’t properly use your turn signal or failed to properly stop at a stop sign?

The Bourque Law Firm is here to defend you and protect your rights.  For the legal experience you need to protect your traffic or criminal record, contact The Bourque Law Firm at 512-916-8866.

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